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Get to learn SwiftUI with a deep understanding of how to create amazing iOS/macOS apps. Learn how to create well-designed UI layouts with eye-catching animations, discover how to work with content and data and how to bind them to your views.

Enjoy personal approach and set the course level and content according to your preferences. Interested in writing UI tests? OK, let's have a look into that!


SwiftUI was introduced in June 2019 and immediately opened the whole new world to the apps development. It is undoubtedly a future for all developers building native apps for Apple devices.

Let's be honest, the community of SwiftUI adopters is growing every day and there are many learning resources including various blog posts, books, and videos. BUT learning this way is too passive. Watching video courses is time-consuming and not interactive at all.

If you are into more personal approach and looking for a way how to learn or extend your knowledge in just the right topic, having the mentor is the right way for you. You can absorb not just SwiftUI facts, but the knowledge of whole app-building process - from the first mockups to production.


Typical course outline

  • 1

    Intro to SwiftUI

    We will go through the very basics, getting familiar with the main concepts, live preview, setting and customizing of simple views using view modifiers.

  • 2

    Layout and Composition

    Main focus of this class is understanding how views can be positioned and rearranged and utilization of view containers and lists.

  • 3


    Create simple state-based animations and understand how to set custom transitions.

  • 4

    Advanced animations

    Fun begins! Learn how to tweak animations to produce nice eye-candies using custom animatable data, understanding Animatable protocol, keyframing, and more.

  • 5

    Custom shapes and Images

    Learn how to draw custom shapes, create vector masks and alter image colors with blending modes. See how to improve your UI components preformance with the Canvas view. Interested in Metal shaders? Lets talk about that too ;)

  • 6

    Data handling

    By introducing Combine framework, we will go through best practices of data binding to UI understanding State, BindableObjects and EnvironmentObject.

  • 7

    Navigation and view presentation

    We will examine a ways how to build a complex view flow within the app using both standard and custom presentation styles.

  • 8

    Building real world app

    Here we will write a simple app but having real use cases in the mind. Learn how to work with networking, alerts and data persistence.

  • 9

    Accessibility and localization

    This class will focus on writing and testing of localized and accessible apps in SwiftUI supporting dynamic type, voice-over and dark mode.

  • 10

    UIKit Integration

    Get to know how to display UIKit view in SwiftUI app and vice versa and learn how to pass data between UIKit and SwiftUI parts

  • Customize


Personal mentorship

Learn anything related to apps development with SwiftUI. There is basic course structure prepared, but it can be customized according to your needs. Your active participation during and between lectures is expected - home assignments included.


60€ / single lecture
(1h + evaluation of home assignment)
540€ / 10 lectures

Group classes

The classes can be tailored for the group of individuals or your development team. You can expect live coding and active involvement of all participants. Ideal group size is 6 people


250€ / single lecture
(2h + evaluation of home assignments)
2000€ / 10 lectures

Help & Code reviews

Already working on the app and having performance or stability issues? Get your code reviewed and discuss possible solutions.


80€ / hour

Meet Your tutor

Pavel Zak

I have 10+ years of experience in creating of mobile apps. In summer 2019, I have resigned from my C-level position at Kiwi.com and started to develop apps written in SwiftUI. As my knowledge is increasing, I write blog posts about advanced SwiftUI topics, hold workshops or talks at various conferences and developer gatherings.
In October 2019, I have published my first app written entirely in SwiftUI - a puzzle game called Flipinity and since then I have worked on mainly fin-tech applications for my clients.

Beside apps development, I am passionate about computer graphics and rock-climbing.

Public presence

AltConf, US

Jun 2019

IT Arena, UA

Sep 2019

Mobile Optimized, BE

Oct 2019

BrMo, CZ

Nov 2019

GDG Jihlava, CZ

Jan 2020

DotSwift, FR

Feb 2020

Techmeetup, CZ

Jun 2020

TrySwiftWorld workshops, online

Nov 2020 + Jan 2021

MDevMeet, Online

May 2021

NYSwifty, US

Apr 2023

NSSpain, ES

Sep 2023

mDevCamp, CZ

Apr 2024

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